Moving to New Site!

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 3.48.42 PMIn the effort of establishing a stronger identity as an academic, I have decided to relocate and focus all of my writing on one portal: my new professional site,

I will keep this site as it is for archival purposes, but feel free to visit my new site to continue following the hot topics and trends in branding, marketing, and advertising with me. I will write regularly about marketing communications-related issues, but will focus my energy more on the academic portion.

Navigator Creative Studio is still operating. If you have questions or project inquiries, feel free to contact me directly. We provide copywriting services, content development, print design, and campaign creative directions for small-to-medium entreprises.

Thank you for all your support and the thousand-over followership. I am flattered by your royalty. Please continue to support me with my new endeavor by following me on my new site!

See you there.

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What you need to know about a Communication internship (SCSU) [Infographic]

Here’s a snippet of what I’ve done over the break for St. Cloud State University’s Department of Communication Studies. The infographic highlights some numbers relevant to the trends in communication-related internships acquired by SCSU students.

Internship Infographic

Visit the website here.

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New World Means More Transparency

So the Mayans pulled off a huge success in fooling many naive citizens around the world. The clock continues to march on steadily the morning after the 21st; the people of all time zones are “forced” (though they have always been) to wake up in the morning and get to work.

The world seems a little different when people cast a new perspective to it. It has not ended. It means we still need to put up with the madness of the marketplace and competitive playground. In about a week, 2013 will come blasting into presence and

Imagewhile the US government is worrying about the fiscal cliff, we the idea sellers will face rather new marketing concepts.

Twenty twelve saw new inventions in digital technologies; all of which serve to tear down the wall of discretion between the marketers and the buyers. With more integrations of new gadgets into small and big businesses alike, customers demand more autonomy in their buying process. Gone are the days we sell. Customers seek for products. They look them up on search engines, ask their friends on social media about the products, and use remote or online methods to purchase.

What do we do? We offer services and tools that allow these users to strip us, to look at our naked business. Believe it or not, buyers prefer honesty over pretentious glory. They are compassionate; they want to be compassionate.

In 2013, we will expect augmentation to rule over the branding and marketing businesses. Brands need to stand together in order to keep their businesses strong. Together we let our customers see the true self, but manipulate their purchasing behaviors in the name of freedom. Here’s how 2013 looks like in the big boys’ plans:

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So You Need a Writer: Copywriter vs. Technical Writer

!!I am a copywriter. But it didn’t come across my mind to draw that line between copywriting and technical writing until recently, when some of my friends began to speak “technical” with me.

Although, most clients don’t usually mind if you were a copywriter, copyrighter, or copiedwriter… as long as you get the job done. Nonetheless, if you are looking to get the most bang of your bucks, you should decide whether your needs would be best served by a copywriter or a technical writer.

A copywriter helps you to sell.

That’s what I do, for a living. Most marketing professionals can easily tell the differences between the two, but if you aren’t in marketing, this name game could be quite challenging. A copywriter develops content for not just marketing and publicity, but also corporate/business communication materials. Copywriters understand the structures of effective copy and possess the ninja skills to appeal to specific audience using copy.

A copywriter should have an eye for creativity. A lot of us can provide basic layout services, including newsletters, poster, billboard, direct mails, and web designing, on top of the good ol’ press releases, TV and radio scripts, blogs, and even Tweets. It comes back to using copy to persuade your potential customers to purchase or employ your services.

So if you are looking to present your product and/or service in an attractive way, we are who you need.

A technical writer helps you to describe stuff.

Look around you. See that little user manual that comes in your new laptop? That’s the work of a technical writer. They are boring. They are important people who make your life much easier. Unless you’re a computer engineer or a mechanic, it is unlikely that you’ll understand how the latest tabloid works without a demonstrative manual.

Though most of the demos can be found on YouTube these days, user manual remains the first thing that people look for when their computer shut down unexpectedly. Instructional manuals, assembly or industry documents, legal forms, leases – these are the main responsibilities of a technical writer. They munch on incredibly difficult stuff and make it digestible for laypeople like you and me.

However, more and more copywriters today are getting quite “technical” as they also produce copy for products descriptions, corporate identity profiles, art magazines, annual reports, company newsletters, etc. The line is blurred when the work of a copywriter involves descriptive writing. What makes copywriters different is that they have a clear sense of the marketing objectives when they write. Yet at this point, I don’t really mind being called a technical copywriter (you can tell I’m overused).

So, I’ll throw the ball back at you. When you’re looking for someone to develop copy for your project, decide if you need an emcee or a deejay. That should help you to make up your mind.

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Are you a Mobile-Superhero? [via Mashable]

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