Do not track: now block out network marketers.

Assuming Internet as the almighty new media for advertisers? Think again.

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) of America now proposes to allow web users to block out online marketers from tracking their activities. The Do Not Block works by simply adding an instruction into the communication that takes place between your web browsers and website, instructing advertisers from all the sites you visit to not track you. (Source: USA Today, Dec. 3, 2010)

According to similar source, advertisers seemed not threatened by the new proposal. I believe advertisers have other ways to get around it. “Call it the Facebook effect,” Scott Shakelford, a law professor at Indiana University, says. Advertisers bound to believe that youth today are very much into sharing information across the new media and hence they may not be affected much about Do Not Track.

However, we should really think about how far things can go, there is already a Do Not Call (similar functions but works for telemarketing), now there is a Do Not Track, what about a Do Not Sell in the future?

As consumers’ awareness about their privacy raises, advertisers need to find even more effective yet ethical ways to secure their target market. Think about it.

Continue reading  “FTC Proposes Do Not Track List For Web Marketing” via FOX News, and “Do Not Track may not be big deal to some Internet users” via USA Today.


About Jason Tham

Jason Tham is a PhD student at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. His research interests are digital pedagogy, connectivism and connected learning, computers and writing, and visual rhetoric.
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