Marketing Strategy: How To Write A Marketing Plan

I have recently completed a marketing plans book for my Ad Principles class, adopting Best Buy Co., Inc. as my designated client. The process wasn’t as tough as you would imagine. Tips: Know your steps. Then execute them diligently.

Here is a sample plans book that I found online – in which I referred to – that I think is a complete marketing plan.

The golden rule for writing a marketing plan includes the following:

1. Object: What is your intention, what do you want to achieve?
2. Analysis: Know thy enemies like thy self. This also includes market segmentation.
3. Actions: What are you gonna do that can now make an impact?

Following the OAA model, I believe you will find writing a plan isn’t as torturing. At the end of the day, you want to know if your plans work, do follow-up and conduct evaluation.

Watch: Marketing strategies: How to write a marketing plan by John Niemira.



About Jason Tham

Jason Tham is a PhD student at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. His research interests are digital pedagogy, connectivism and connected learning, computers and writing, and visual rhetoric.
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