3 ways Facebook’s redesign could be a plus to marketers (via adage)

According to Ad Age, Facebook will begin rolling out its redesign to all pages that have not updated to their new layout. This new layout is said to appear as more user profile-like, and probably more user-friendly, too. Nonetheless, the redesign could be a stepping stone for social media marketers.

1. Cohesiveness
Since the new design would now allow fan pages to act more like individual profiles, brands can now communicate – whether through “liking” or commenting on walls – with other brands as well as their mother company. This creates a more unified online atmosphere for these brands that interact with one another and create a more cohesive experience among brands-alike. This also alerts people to the additional pages on their profiles.

2. Usability
Since the tabs are now moved to a lower section in individual profiles, they have become less prominent, because users are not likely to check on additional tabs. This encourages marketers and designers to put on thinking hats and design their fan pages that are more wall-prominent. Readability and usability become very important. Users must be able to get multiple messages via a single page so wall messages, photos/images, how-to videos, and so on become the story tellers and must be carefully crafted. In other words, Facebook’s redesign has opened doors to more designers out there to prove their strengths.

3. Individuality
With regard to the first point mentioned, fan pages are now more “human” than before. Brands can make unique voices on their Facebook appearance, creating a desired brand personality. Because of the room that the redesign has opened for fan pages, administrators can establish greater engagement within the Facebook community. That means, Best Buy could be one of your friends playing Farmville and sending you requests to play (do people still do that?). Yet, like adage mentioned, it is still up to a brand to decide if it wants a page to sound like a brand versus a person.

This is the right time for marketers to rethink their strategies and put on a new dress at their fan pages.

Continue reading: Three Ways Facebook’s Redesign Should Be Challenging Your Marketing Strategy via David Berkowitz, Ad Age.


About Jason Tham

Jason Tham is a PhD student at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. His research interests are digital pedagogy, connectivism and connected learning, computers and writing, and visual rhetoric.
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