Evolution of Apple Ads

Here is one interesting compilation that I came across on my new-picked hobby — Google+. Thanks to the author who gathered and compiled these Apple ads around his time clock.

Apple first started advertising its products in the late 1970s. The 80s showed a wide variety of ads, some of which served to convince consumers that they should purchase a computer, and specifically an Apple. Apple ads really came into their heyday during the 1990s, with the “Think Different” campaign, which became very popular as they featured a number of famous people.

Find out more about the Evolution of Apple Ads via WebDesignerDepot.com.





And then comes the iPod, iPhone, iPad ads that you see today. See more at the original webpage.

All images courtesy of webdesignerdepot.com.


About Jason Tham

Jason Tham is a PhD student at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. His research interests are digital pedagogy, connectivism and connected learning, computers and writing, and visual rhetoric.
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