Graduation? Get a head-start to your career (with pretty accessories)!

With finals just around the corner, graduation is upon hundreds of thousands of students from the creative field. Whether you are a student of advertising, public relations, journalism, marketing, graphic design, IT, or whatever, you need to get ahead and make yourself standout among all the competitions that the job market has just been added.

First thing on your graduation checklist is to brand yourself. You need a name, an image, an impression. What makes your resume stand out among the others? What gives your potential employers the extra motivation to open up your portfolio? How do you jump off the page? Here’s my suggestion:

Get a pretty business card to go with all your “hire-me shoutouts.” I receive updates from on a regular basis and thought that this new feature they are doing for students are simply amazing.

A touch of personality on your business card will give employers or interviewers the impression that you are confident and comfortable with what you are doing. If you are even more daring, try this.

Now, don’t overdo it. Be passionate, but never desperate. Creative accessories like these give your recruiter an idea about what you can bring to the table, even before you meet them face-to-face to present your portfolio! If you are an instructor or professor, help your students by sharing this handout in your class.

Take some time this week to get yourself ready for the job hunting war. Trust me, it is not easy. It takes a lot of courage, energy, and a strong will for success. All the best!

About Jason Tham

Jason Tham is a PhD student at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. His research interests are digital pedagogy, connectivism and connected learning, computers and writing, and visual rhetoric.
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