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New World Means More Transparency

So the Mayans pulled off a huge success in fooling many naive citizens around the world. The clock continues to march on steadily the morning after the 21st; the people of all time zones are “forced” (though they have always … Continue reading

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The .99 Theory of Pricing

First off, I would like to announce the new cookbook that my team of creatives and editors has put together to help support the SCSU International Student Association fundraising activity. We have put in huge effort to collect, compile, edit, and design this … Continue reading

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The Old Apple: iQuit

The wave of Steve Jobs‘ resignation as CEO of Apple, Inc. hits the world of digital gadgets and communications on April 24, 2011. This man who has brought revolution to the world of computers and mobile devices has suffered from … Continue reading

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5 Guidelines to Planogramming

When you walk into a retail store, which side of the store would you normally turn to first? Left? Right? Would you prefer an open space or a well-categorized section? Or are you simply attracted to the giant banners that … Continue reading

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