Behind Gangnam Style: Kevin Allocca on Why Videos Go Viral [TEDTalk]

YouTube Trend Manager, Kevin Allocca, offers insights to why some videos made it top on the viral list.

From a web writer’s standpoint, I would also add that SEO plays a huge role in propagating high traffic videos. Notice how this post is entitled; some words are used for certain reasons. Time to spill the bean. Many bloggers & SEO writers include viral videos in their posts so to increase the visibility of their entries and improve search-ability on Google or other search engines. Long story short, it is a self-fulfilling and self-regenerating chain effect. The more the people like it, the more publicists would use it.

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New iPhone – More reasons for good, fierce advertising

As the world have seen, the new iPhone 5 was unveiled today. The new device is designed to reclaim its rightful top on the smartphone food chain. Both Samsung and Nokia (Windows) took an earlier move last month by releasing the new Galaxy S3 and Lumia 900. Apple came in with new features on the new iPhone – a larger display, 4G LTE access, and an improved camera – all that can be found on Android smartphones. CNET states that for the first time, Apple is no longer a clear leader in the competition.

Yet, iPhone remains its minimalistic design – in fact, it has pushed a notch up by expanding the size of the screen and the sleek, sexy finishing slate cover.

With Apple’s iPhone 5 joining the party conversation now, the competition is even more heated and fierce. In other words, more reasons for good, tight advertising for the big boys.

Samsung takes an edgy, practical approach to present their speciality. 

The question is: What’s new? What’s not already there in the smartphone market?

Nokia did a smart move by highlighting their USP in camera stability (though it turned out to be a hoax and internet sensation). It was, after all, attention-getting.

I can’t wait to see how Apple will take its place in the midst of this clutter. The new map feature on the amazing A6 Chip graphics is a good start.

So sit back, and watch the game, babe.

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A Historic Front Page – A Nation Remembers

I think it is only appropriate to commemorate this tragic day in American history by pulling this out the Times archive. Thanks NYT for sharing this on Facebook. Read on more September 11 artifacts.


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Y U No Write Good

Came across some readings during my morning feeds today and Maurilio’s Writing Copy That Sells caught me into thinking. Indeed words are wonderful, or I wouldn’t be spending 60 hours a week writing ad copy in order to pay bills. Just kidding. It’s gonna be 70 hours this week as we are working on yet another biggest account of the year.

But on a serious-er note, this job really is one of the best I’ve ever had. Where else could you find a job that would allow you to eat all day, cracking silly jokes left-right-and-center, while waiting for that killer punchline to hit you hard? And then swiftly you’ll be spending the next 4-5 hours writing that hopefully-award-winning piece.

Know who you’re speaking to. Maurilio made a decent note on the core mechanics to writing good, sell-worthy copy. When I first interned as a junior copywriter, my creative director often shared with me the hilarious brief he received from new clients. One of these that I vividly remember is that an audience must be defined before all advertising messages. They can be high-schoolers, moms, golfers, grandfathers, BigMac lovers, whoever. Never try to reach “everyone” at large. Like Maurilio said, writing to “everyone” guarantees you to reach “no one.”

When your target market doesn’t feel that your message speaks directly at them, they won’t react. There goes your (client’s) millions of dollars spent on that buswrap. Therefore, a well-written copy addresses the intended audience succinctly. Such as this:

Impress vs. Impact. Depending on your motive, people today would rather be impacted by the changes a product could bring than being impressed by how great your product was.  An all-time great example is the 2011 Small Business Saturday campaign by American Express. The work doesn’t show-off the client by any means but benefited the society at large. Good ad campaign like this is lacked among the creative industry.

If you happen to have been imprisoned in the same field (first, I’m sorry for you and I feel your pain), think about how your next campaign could do the public some good – before you decide to print a giant “WE’RE THE BEST, BUY THIS NOW” ad and post it to the billboard. We all can be great influencers in this world, and if we decide to, a good one.

What say you?

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Social Media – Circa 1940

The social media is growing old, according to the May issue of Advertising+Marketing (M) magazine. With more and more dads & moms, grandpa and grandma signing on to these networking platforms, life insurance ads seem more appropriate than, say, Victoria Secret. What if social media were in existence during the Boomers era? How would have the world of advertising been then?

Maybe we don’t need to go to school no more. Just teasing.


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