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New World Means More Transparency

So the Mayans pulled off a huge success in fooling many naive citizens around the world. The clock continues to march on steadily the morning after the 21st; the people of all time zones are “forced” (though they have always … Continue reading

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So You Need a Writer: Copywriter vs. Technical Writer

I am a copywriter. But it didn’t come across my mind to draw that line between copywriting and technical writing until recently, when some of my friends began to speak “technical” with me. Although, most clients don’t usually mind if … Continue reading

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Behind Gangnam Style: Kevin Allocca on Why Videos Go Viral [TEDTalk]

YouTube Trend Manager, Kevin Allocca, offers insights to why some videos made it top on the viral list. From a web writer’s standpoint, I would also add that SEO plays a huge role in propagating high traffic videos. Notice how … Continue reading

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New iPhone – More reasons for good, fierce advertising

As the world have seen, the new iPhone 5 was unveiled today. The new device is designed to reclaim its rightful top on the smartphone food chain. Both Samsung and Nokia (Windows) took an earlier move last month by releasing … Continue reading

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Y U No Write Good

Came across some readings during my morning feeds today and Maurilio’s Writing Copy That Sells caught me into thinking. Indeed words are wonderful, or I wouldn’t be spending 60 hours a week writing ad copy in order to pay bills. … Continue reading

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