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What you need to know about a Communication internship (SCSU) [Infographic]

Here’s a snippet of what I’ve done over the break for St. Cloud State University’s Department of Communication Studies. The infographic highlights some numbers relevant to the trends in communication-related internships acquired by SCSU students. Visit the website here.

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So You Need a Writer: Copywriter vs. Technical Writer

I am a copywriter. But it didn’t come across my mind to draw that line between copywriting and technical writing until recently, when some of my friends began to speak “technical” with me. Although, most clients don’t usually mind if … Continue reading

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New iPhone – More reasons for good, fierce advertising

As the world have seen, the new iPhone 5 was unveiled today. The new device is designed to reclaim its rightful top on the smartphone food chain. Both Samsung and Nokia (Windows) took an earlier move last month by releasing … Continue reading

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Social Media – Circa 1940

The social media is growing old, according to the May issue of Advertising+Marketing (M) magazine. With more and more dads & moms, grandpa and grandma signing on to these networking platforms, life insurance ads seem more appropriate than, say, Victoria … Continue reading

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Copywriter: an infographic

Today marks my first week as a full-time copywriter at Creative Thumbprint and to celebrate this little accomplishment (of surviving the 12 hours of work every day), here’s a hit-it-right-at-home infographic that sums up what these so-they-think-they-can-write people do in … Continue reading

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