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A Historic Front Page – A Nation Remembers

I think it is only appropriate to commemorate this tragic day in American history by pulling this out the Times archive. Thanks NYT for sharing this on Facebook. Read on more September 11 artifacts.

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Graduation? Get a head-start to your career (with pretty accessories)!

With finals just around the corner, graduation is upon hundreds of thousands of students from the creative field. Whether you are a student of advertising, public relations, journalism, marketing, graphic design, IT, or whatever, you need to get ahead and make … Continue reading

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How to Be An Intern King/Queen

Having sailed two internships and three on-campus employments through my undergraduate studies, I must say these advices are really practical and may come in handy to those who are seeking to make the most out of their apprenticeship. Nothing beats … Continue reading

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How Social Media Can Make History – via TED.com

Here is one of my favorite speakers in the communications industry. Though this video from TED.com was recorded and posted back in 2009, the way social networking platforms “threaten” the authorities are still relevant. Take 15 minutes today to listen to … Continue reading

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SML 2 Tkeovr Oxfrd Eng Dict. – via StoneMeta Media

Yes, social media language such as “retweet” and “follower” have made it into the world’s most respected English dictionary – Oxford English Dictionary. A month and half ago, Mashable reported that Concise Oxford English Dictionary approved and added 400 words into its … Continue reading

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